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Hi uh first time posting on here, just saying.

I have a Windows 7 Sony Vaio Laptop, its a intel pentium (i don't know if that means anything).

Ok well these past few days my laptops becoming slow, i have a Norton Security Suite, i scanned my laptop but nothing showed up, i also ran the disk defragmenter. But it's still slow.

Next i went to uninstall programs in the control panel to delete things i no longer use like games, and other add ons. My laptops still slow. I've only had this from summer 2011.

What i want to know is what else can i delete and what is harmful to my computer, i've read online that oaisis2service isn't good, but when i went to uninstall, a message popped up saying it's not fully uninstalled. Then i uninstalled vaio messenger because its not really required. How do i delete it?? I've posted 3 pictures of my list of programs, please look over it.
Please help me because i am freaking out right now and college is about to start again and i don't need the problems.

I would be really really grateful.
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