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Sony VAIO PCG-F430 won't boot

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I think there's a problem with the battery but I'm not sure.

When I first turn it on, I get the Vaoi/Sony logo, but before the logo is fully done loading the screens goes black. The humming stops, absolutely no noise, but the power lights are still on. I turn it off & turn it back on, but this time I don't even get as far as the logo, the screen just goes black.

Does anyone know why this happens? :sigh: The computer is a couple years old & it stopped working about a year ago, but I only recently picked it up again

Thanks for any advice , Isa
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hi Isa,

try hooking it up with an external monitor and see if you get past the logo (no screen blackouts). also reseat your RAM.

if the above does not help, replace your RAM with known working modules and boot from your CD drive using a bootable CD (i.e. Linux live CD or XP install CD).
Thanks for the advice :) I took out the battery, the RAM & then put it all back but I still got a black screen. I'm gonna try the other ways soon.

There's something else though. I hear a really fast clicking sound coming from the RAM. I don't know what that means, if it's normal or maybe that somethings loose ...Any ideas? :S
Got it to boot & work completely fine! I dunno how I did it, just messed about til it finally got working again :)

Thanks for the advice, TriggerFinger
well that's good. i'm so glad you got it working again. if you recall how you solved it, please do post back on how you got it sorted.
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