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Sony Vaio NR21M users please help!

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If you have the same model with the original bios, please send me the bios image.

You can get a backup copy of your bios using a small utility. Its called Phoenix Winphlash. If you don't have this utility, you can download it form here:

Just download, unzip, run "SWinFlash".
SELECT "Backup only", and press on the "Backup BIOS" button.
A "BIOS.BACKUP" file is generated. Please send it to me:
feregember at
Or put it somewhere else (for example on rapidshare) and send me a link

It's just a few minutes.

I upgraded the bios of my Sony Vaio NR21m/s, but it wasn't totally successful. I would like to restore the original bios. The backup bios image is lost. The bios is not available on Sony's website.

Thanks :)
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Restart your Sony Vaio computer.

Press the "F2" key to enter the BIOS.

Use the arrow keys to highlight the "Load BIOS Defaults" menu option. Select it by pressing "Enter."

Highlight "Load BIOS Defaults" again and hit "Enter." This will reset all of the settings of your Vaio's BIOS back to their original factory defaults. You can now select "Save Changes and Exit" to exit the BIOS.
This problem is different than just restore the bios settings. During the faulty bios update, not just the settings are modified, but the bios (the "program", which uses those settings) itself. What I need is a backup of the bios program from a same type of laptop.

Anyway, thanks for your answer!
When a Bios update is not successful it often renders the Mobo useless or at least the chip. Can you boot to the Bios?
The bios update was an unofficial patch. The laptop starts, but the patch doesn't do what it should.

Now I would like to try an other patch, which probably works. To try it, I need to revert the original bios. Only after that can the other patch be applied.
Can you boot successfully to the Bios?
Yes, I can. Even the operating system starts.

By default, my laptop can handle only batteries made by Sony. Using this bios path, the laptop should be able to handle replacement batteries made by other manufacturers. The first patch didn't worked, so I would like to try an other patch. But that other patch tells me that I need to revert the original unpatched bios before applying it.
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