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Hi, please can someone help please.

I bought my son a vaio netbook which he's had for just over a year. After a couple of months my son said his wifi keeps going, I checked it over and it appeared the our home network had disappeared, anyway, after a couple of hours it came back and this has done this on and off ever since.

I assumed it was something to do with the signal at home, don't know why I ever thought this as all the other laptops work fine :whistling:

Anyway, I've had a new router/modem to see if this was the problem, but it still keeps happening. I contacted Sony, but nothing they can do as now just out of warranty, but they said that I would be charged if in warranty and a software prob, as I had installed the full version of windows 7, I did tell them that I had only recently installed windows 7 in the last 8 weeks so I knew it wasn't this, he also said it could be the ?? card in the netbook, I assume he meant whatever it is built in the netbook that allows you to connect to the internet.

Now as I just get by on computer technology, is this something I can sort, with the help of someone talking me through it of course, or do I need a professional :blush:

Thanks in advance

Oh I should also mention that I have tried using an ethernet cable, but no change.

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