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Sony Vaio Laptop VGN-CS215J screen issues

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Hi, I have a Sony Vaio VGN-CS215J laptop that was purchased on March 16, 2009. Thursday afternoon, I noticed a change in the color quality on the monitor--it appeared to have several grey lines running horizontally through the screen. It then began flickering and displaying multiple lines; it was frozen, and I couldn't see my cursor move or what I was typing.

I began running my hands up and over the screen, gently squeezing, to localize the problem, and when I apply pressure to the upper left hand corner (when the screen is facing me) approximately 2 1/2 inches in and 1 1/2 inches down, the screen goes back to normal.

I called Vaio, and a tech is supposed to call me within 2-3 business days (this was Friday afternoon, great!) to set up an appointment for service at my home which will take another 4-6 days. It is out of it's 1 year warranty, but according to this site ( ) it has an extended 24 month warranty because this is a known issue.

The problem is, I need my computer stat for school. I don't know whether this can be fixed at home or if it would be worth it to take it to Geek Squad within Best Buy (have not been impressed with them in the past, don't really want to, but if it'll be faster than getting the tech out, then I might just have to do it.

Any suggestions on what I can do in the meantime? Heeeeeeeeeeelp :(

I've attached two pictures from my twitpic of the screen.


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Hi Nataleigh and welcome

Just where your pressing is where the lcd screen cable runs, looks like a bad connection or bad cable. Now I have had a look around and I have found a service/disassembly guide for the 'C' series, looks like yours, hope this helps.

What you want to do is make sure the connections are all seated (lcd screen and mobo side as well) and the cable is not damaged.

Service Manual

Let me know if you need further direction.
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