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when i render in any WMV template (only tried WMV at the moment because i want it in HD for youtube) it wil either come up with a error message, stop working, close down, freeze , or say debug or close programme and its always and 23% or 29% in the rendered video it will wok untl a specific point in where a few of them the music cuts out and stops,could this mean its a audio problem . is there any formats for youtube which allows hd rather than wmv, i have formats in the whole project of m2t/mts2 in pal 1080i hd and a .mov file(i have rendered this before with no problems) i have also rendere other projects exactly the same as this with no problems what is causing this?
many thanks

( i now have tried to render in .mov and got to around 60% and then it closed down due to a unkown error)

an error has occured during the operation
Sony Vegas Pro 8.0
Version 8.0c (Build 260)
Exception 0xC0000005 (access violation) READ:0xFF010101 IP:0x6CF271
In Module 'vegas80.exe' at Address 0x400000 + 0x2CF271
Thread: ProgMan ID=0x18A4 Stack=0x648F000-0x6490000
EAX=ff010101 CS=001b EIP=006cf271 EFLGS=00010282
EBX=006c8e60 SS=0023 ESP=0648f3c4 EBP=24c17580
ECX=43fccc80 DS=0023 ESI=43fccc80 FS=003b
EDX=76f29a94 ES=0023 EDI=43fcccf4 GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
006CF271: 8B 30 83 EE 01 78 17 8B .0...x..
006CF279: 07 8B 48 04 0F AF CE 03 ..H.....
Stack Dump:
0648F3C4: 43FCCC80 43000000 + FCCC80
0648F3C8: 00000001
0648F3CC: 00000000
0648F3D0: 006C8EE1 00400000 + 2C8EE1 (vegas80.exe)
0648F3D4: 43FCCCF4 43000000 + FCCCF4
0648F3D8: 006C8E60 00400000 + 2C8E60 (vegas80.exe)
0648F3DC: 1BE4CAE0 1BCF0000 + 15CAE0
0648F3E0: 006BEDAF 00400000 + 2BEDAF (vegas80.exe)
0648F3E4: 00271B08 00180000 + F1B08
0648F3E8: 24C17580 24340000 + 8D7580
0648F3EC: 00000003
0648F3F0: 00000000
0648F3F4: 006BF6F1 00400000 + 2BF6F1 (vegas80.exe)
0648F3F8: 00000000
0648F3FC: 00000000
0648F400: 006ACB19 00400000 + 2ACB19 (vegas80.exe)
> 0648F418: 006ACB4C 00400000 + 2ACB4C (vegas80.exe)
- - -
0648FFF0: 00000000
0648FFF4: 00527950 00400000 + 127950 (vegas80.exe)
0648FFF8: 00AE7AB0 00400000 + 6E7AB0 (vegas80.exe)
0648FFFC: 00000000

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