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I am new to the board with a couple of questions.i expect to find answers which i need.
I have used my Sony HDR SR12 for one year.i am finally taking around and putting the recorded videos onto DVD.But i found the videos are all with AVCHD format.recently i use Picture Motion Browse to view and edit these videos.the problem is that the edited videos through PMB is so large that it can not be put in standard DVD.And i want to let these videos playable on my TV and my iPod Touch and ipad.

The statistcs of AVCHD file are:(if necessary)
Image Size:1440*1080;
video codec:AVC
Audio Codec:DOLBY Digital

So does anyone know of any software which help me to convert AVCHD to SD?AND how can i put them on my iPod Touch, ipad?

Thanks in advance.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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