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Someone hacked my Gmail account...

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Here is an interesting one. I am not sure where this post belongs, so I put it in here. If you think it goes somewhere else, let me know.

I have a few gmail accounts. I tried to log into my main one (the one I have Synced to my BlackBerry) a few days ago, and my password would not work. I tried to retrieve the password, thinking that maybe I had forgotten it. Gmail presented me with the security question. The problem was that the security question was now in Turkish. Someone had apparently gotten into my account, changed the password AND the security question.

Then I submitted a gmail form to report the fraud. They asked me to verify certain details about the account, which I did as best as I could. Their response was to freeze the account. I just resubmitted the same form with a couple more details, and I hope that is enough for me to recover the account.

My question is, has anyone here experienced this? What else to I need to be concerned about as a result of this takeover of my account?

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You might have been a victim of phishing. Be careful on receiving emails and asking you to change your information, banking, credit cards, email account, etc.etc. I was a victim a few years ago.
I get phishing emails almost daily, and don't give my details to anyone, so I don't think they got the password that way. There are applications out there that can crack passwords for Google, Yahoo and Hotmail accounts in a matter of seconds, which could be how they got into my account.

That fact makes me rethink the security of any free email account. So even if I can find a human at Gmail who can help me get back into the account, if the passwords are that easy to crack, why would I use it........
Use a more secure password and they will not crack it, it's not like it is fort Knox so they won't try that hard.
Use a combination of capitals,lower case and numbers and you should be safe
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