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some sort of worm on my machine

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i wont get into specifics on the name of it, but there is a freeware game that i have discovered is causing my machine to become corrupt, and i was wondering if anyone might have seen this and managed to repair it without a full reformat and install. the warning is dispayed as this:

WinZip Self-Extractor header corrupt. possible cause: bad disk or file transfer error

then is has an ok box. now i have had this happen many times to my machine, and when it does, it isnt just that download that is broken, as my entire machine is tainted. from then on it will not allow me to download certain programs off of the internet, or install from a cd. normally i just reformat and reinstall, and now that i know it is this one game causing it, i do not install that game now. i am now using a machine that someone already did this to, and it was in fact the same game file that did it. and just like the other times, it displays that warning anytime i try to download things like winzip or winamp, even if i use them off of a cd that i know to be non corrupt. i would reformat this machine, but it uses drivers i do not have, so i am wondering if anyone knows how that type of problem happens, and if there is a file i can repair or replace from a backup. this has happened on many machines, all using win 98, and i am sure it has something to do with the windows core program files. i have concluded this is some form of worm, and i need to know a way to remove it. i will appreciate an help on this. :confused: :upset:
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Are you running any anti-virus software? A free online scan can be found at

well i'll be ****ed, it was in fact a virus. it is the pe spaces 1444 virus and housecall found it. this virus spreads itself widely, and you might go and read about it. the easiest way i have found to test for this particular problem, is to download winzip evalution trial and it will refuse to install if you are infected. i am glad that housecall found it, and seems to be disinfecting it. i went to dogpile and searched for the pe spaces virus, and i found a ton of people complaining about the same thing i was. this seems to be a large problem, and i originally obtained it inside a freeware game that i got using a peer to peer file sharing program. i will now only download documents, and never programs. i am thankfull for the good answer, and the link was dead on. thank you:winkgrin: :D :winking:
Your welcome. I'm glad that solved your problem. Viruses can be nasty little critters.
it just got done scanning, and it scanned 20,500 files
and it cleaned 430 infected files. the scan ran for close to 30 hours or so, but it seems to be all good now. i also managed to disinfect a copy of that certain game, and now i can play it :winkgrin: :winkgrin:
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