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Some Serious Help For An Amateur

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hey guys, i'm back on the old comp again.
i got the necessary parts to put the computer together. sooo, i installed everything into the case best i could, and in the end it was beautiful. when i turned it on, everything would turn on for like 1 minute and then just shutoff, anyone know what's going on? if that wasn't enough, my monitor wasn't receiving any signal or anything from the graphics card. i had received the card earlier btw and plugged it into the old one, works fine. anyways, i didn't nkow what was going on. it turns off after a minute and no signal is being sent to the monitor. so i call my dad up and we bring everything to his house.

by the time we get into his place he checks it out and toys around with the CPU fan and pulls it out and then spends most of his time putting the darn thing back in, which takes forever. we plug it into his monitor, and as soon as we turn it on everything runs smooth. even the monitor started showing the motherboard logo and stuff, and it stayed still like that until finally it shut off on its own again.

after a while, he thinks everything is ok and turns the switch on. at that same moment, everything in the house went off. i probably have to mention that at the same time there were like so many other electronics on. the fude box looked pretty old when i took a look at it. instead of switches there were like these small things kinda like light bulbs? that you had to screw in and stuff. when we get the lights back on and the computer, we find out that it's dead. i have an optical mouse with led lights, and when you turn the switch on in the back of the power supply, the keyboard and mouse would light up. you would have to press the power button to get everything running entirely. so when i turned the switch on everything lit up, but when i pressed the button, nothing changed.

so i spend my night crying, wondering what went wrong....i'm trying to get the mobo replaced, i'm at newegg requesting the RMA number to return it. i don't know what's going on, and i don't know who else to go to. i apologize again everyone.

RAM-two sticks
Case- the power supply came with it, so maybe it had something to do with why it messed up?
Graphics Card
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Lets take 1 step at a time.
Are you using a hard drive with xp on it? or did you format the drive to accept your new hardware?
Did you use artic 5 thermal compound for your heatsink/cpu?
The house current went off while you were plugged in?
Did you install the 4 pin molex connector from the supply to the motherboard?
What supply is in the box?
-the os is xp and i stuck the old hard drive i had from my old computer into the new one.
-i did use thermal compound for the cpu
-right when my dad flipped the on switch everything went out
-as for the supply? if you're talking about the case the power supply came preinstalled with it. it's a 450 watt.

# Power Supply Features:
# 450-watt power
# 115v-230v manual switch

# Power Supply Input:
# 115-230V @50/60Hz, 10A/6A
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well i will start by saying it could be one of 2 things.a cheap power supply that comes with a 35$ case is going to be questionable at the ram you have the board doesnt support pc2 3200 it says 533mhz memory at the least.i would definetly get a quality power supply look at the "power supply selection' link in my sig.also look here and click on the qvl download link on the left hand side.that will tell you what ram is compatible with your board.the next thing i will say is kinda a constructive criticism.why did you get the cpu you got you could have gotten a quad core cpu for the same money.
OK, but the operating system on the hard drive will not work, if the system environment has major hardware changes. Are you saying the hard drive with the xp is from a differentr rig?
allright, so i'll be planning to grab myself another power supply and a new set of ram right? i'm gonna also try to grab a SATA hard drive and see what happens. as for the motherboard, do you think it's fried or something else? thanks a lot guys, i'm gonna go look around for the new parts now.
i was looking around and i found some nice parts IMO, what do you guys think? . as for the motherboard, i've requested RMA number in case i need to have it replaced. thanks.



your new choices look will be glad later on you got that good power supply.the ram,and hard drive look nice remember some componets you should never skimp will regret it later.once your new items arrive you should be good to go.also i have to agree with speedster with that major a hardware change you should do a fresh windows install.
i don't get it still, my mobo isn't fried, it runs allright. the only thing is, usually there's power to the mouse and keboard when i turn the switch on the back on, but this time there's only power to the mouse. also, there's no video output, the monitor doesn't reveive a signal at all and that's pretty wierd. lastly, it's still shuttig off after a few minutes, that's one of my biggest ocncerns. does anyone know what factors could be the cause of these? thanks.
nvm the above post.

-i bought a 1gig stick of ram today and hard drive, tested everything out. there's finally signal to the monitor, and it loads allright. the only thing now is that it still shuts off by itself after a few moments. now, it shuts down in about 20-25 seconds. a lot faster than before. i really don't know what's going on. i was going to bring it in to CompUSA but they charge a $99.99 flat rate just to look at it and i kinda don't wanna spend that money.

when it loads, i see the motherboard logo and all that, and then it goes into another screen for like half a second and loads up into an empty one that has a blinking underscore right before it shuts off altogether. in the beginning before i plugged in the hard drive, mouse, or keyboard it would load up a page that would show if anything was detected in the primary and secondary IDE cables. in the bottom it also said "warning cpu has been changed" something like that. any ideas? i was in hopes of getting everything set today but i guess not. oh well. i await for your advice guys, thanks.

edit: i can get into the BIOS but it still shuts off after the 20-25 second thing. still have no idea about what's going on.
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just wanted to bump this real quick, thanks.
reset the cmos
redo the paste on the cpu with some arctic silver
and make sure you seat the heatsink properly
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