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some please help me, major problems

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I have an almost brand new Sony Vaio 1.5ghz P4 running XP Home Ed. and I'm encountering some major problems. I use it mainly as a gaming/internet PC but I'm experiencing tremendous slowdown in games (even older ones that ran fine on my old Pentium 2) and even in my desktop. I don't know what the problem is, I deleted as many files as I possibly could thinking that it might have to do with my hard drive (60 gig) being too crammed or something, but that didnt work. Right now I'm at a loss, Im wondering if there is a way to just rebbot my computer into factory settings and start over, because I think thats the only solution. I understand teh consequences of that, buT I've made CD backups of any important files and documenst that I will need. If there is a way to "restart" my computer for good, I would greatly appreciate it if someone could tell me how to do so, or any other ideas on making my computer run as it should.

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Did it run how you like it when you first got the computer?

Do you have a copy of XP Home, or did it come preinstalled?

Do you have EVERYTHING your going to want to keep backed up and in good condition.... might want to go through a quick check of your backup CD's to make sure the files are up to date and such.

If you can answer yes to all three of these we can talk you through wiping your hard drive and reinstalling... it's probably the most extreme method of fixing it, considering you'll have to go back and reinstall all the programs you like... get the computer how you like, not to mention the time it takes to wipe the Hard drive and Reinstall Windows. But it will probably be easier than going through a step by step of cleaning out extra files and running optimization software. It's up to you... there are benefits to both.
it ran perfectly when I first got it, so yes

XP Home came preinstalled

The only files I want to keep are mainly some MP3's and a few documents and those I do have backed up in good condition
I do have access to a copy of XP Professional from a friend of mine if that helps any
So basically you need an operating system to install before we can wipe your hard drive, otherwise after it's wiped you'll be SOL...... if This is still going on it might be worth a shot... if not I'd check around at your local computer stores for a good deal before going online.
thanks valiant, I'll talk to my friend about using his copy of XP Pro

Once i wipe the harddrive and istall the OS I assume I would just use all of the system recovery disks to reload all of the essential programs that came on the computer right?

also do you mind if I email you once I have the copy of XP instead of using the board?
If you have the original recovery disks that came with the machine WinXP should be on there.

All of the Major Co's. that give you restore disks have the os on them as far as I know.

Read the manual that came with your computer.

Or explore the CD for a Win folder, Better yet call Sony and ask them.

And BTW Welcome to Tech Support Forums..................:D
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