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Some help?

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Ok I installed a program on my comptuer to watch DVD movies called NERO and after installation I put in the dVD but note: I didn't install in correctly on my hardrive and when I put the DVD I wanted to watch in it didn't read so then later I felt like playing Halo and put the game in and it didn't read in my Disk Drive. I checked My computer and my Disk Drives not there only my C and External also floppy drive but my Disk Drive doesn't show up. I checked my pc and it says its there but it won't read anything for some reason. Can anyone please help me??
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Reboot the PC and put it in Safe Mode.

Does the drive appear in Safe Mode?

What are your sys. specs and the manufacturer and model number of the drive, if you can get them.

Also, is it a Dell computer?
No its a SiS you may have never heard about it, its a cheap motherboard.
Look it just doesn't read the disc's but the Drive is there but it doesn't read and it is securely in place and everyhting.
I had this problem. After googling it, (it was a Dell) I found a firmware update for the drive.

So tell us the manufacturer of the drive so we can find one for you.
Its called Maxtor 2F040L0 the version is 5.1.2535.0 and it was manuefacuterd in 2001 and I have windows xp by the way professional service pack 2. PLease give me the download link for the newer updated version.
Bump.... you found it yet anyone??
Theres not a firmware update. Contact the manufacturer of your computer. They will most likely replace it for you.
If you have a bootable cd, try booting up to that (enter bios when starting the computer and make the rom drive the first boot device. If it won't boot, then the drive is not reading period. If it does boot, then you can start looking at windows issues.
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