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[SOLVED] WINRAR issues with W7 Ultimate?

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Just recently made the jump to 7 and now just noticed something odd.
Been using WINRAR for years, and make purchases from an online store for software they support. Within the RAR archives EVERY file was listed under 1 folder with numerous contained within. Inside of those folders were files that get placed within they're oppropriate location.
As of late when ever I open a RAR file ever file is removed from the folder they should be in with empty folders, but all files are intact.
Ex. a file from should contain 1 folder called runtime with numerous folders within that.
Now it seems as if the archive has been extracted at the file level and it's all scattered around in the archive.
Has this happened to anyone else? or no of a fix.
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Re: WINRAR issues with W7 Ultimate?

If you notice the path column, all files are still in correct subfolder.
It's just a linear way of listing all files and folders including the ones in subfolder without the tree hierarchy you see in explorer.

Go to options, file list, and uncheck flat folder view.
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