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[SOLVED] Windows 7 SP1 - Schizophrenia

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I have SP1 neither installed, nor uninstallable ...

Here's the story: Win Update told me that SP1 was available, and so I accepted the update; after the usual creation of a checkpoint, the update downloaded, and (after a long time) the update terminated. As requested, I rebooted - which started in the usual manner, but then hung up midway through the boot procedure.

After retrying a restart, with the same result, I rebooted in safe mode - no problem. I then went to 'Recovery', and selected the checkpoint just prior to the attempt to install SP1. This seemed to go OK.

I then removed some possibly problematic USB devices, installed all the pending non-SP1 updates satisfactorarily, and then tried again for the SP1 update (KB976932). The machine hung, with 0 bytes downloaded, and 0 remaining. I tried a few more times - same result.

I rebooted, and investigated the update status. "Installed updates" does NOT show SP1 installed - and so it cannot be 'uninstalled/(removed)'; on investigating, the Update History shows SP1 (KB976932) installed once 'Successfully', and twice 'Cancelled'.

I ran the Hotfix download KB947821 -which allegedly checks readiness for SP1, and it installed successfully. But the end result was unchanged - no SP1 installed, and when again selected, it would not download.

I guess that the download function checks the list of 'Succesfully installed' updates, and if it sees SP1, the it spins into an endless loop ('0 downloaded, 0 remaining').

So the net result is - not installed, but won't try again !!!

I guess that it is neccessary to remove it from Update History - but how do I do this, when it doesn't show up in Installed Updates ???

I have not seeen this problem in the forum, so I am at a complete loss. Does anyone have any ideas? I am going nuts over this ...

Any help would be much appreciated.
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Re: Windows 7 SP1 - Schizophrenia

Have you tried downloading SP1 from here and installing it offline?

Download details: Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 (KB976932)
Re: Windows 7 SP1 - Schizophrenia


I have just been through a week long saga with SP1 which ended only with a complete re installation of W7.
One comment I would make is that the '0 downloaded, 0 remaining' I found to be normal behaviour. It can take quite a long time (almost 1 hour) before any progress shows.

Good luck.

Re: Windows 7 SP1 - Schizophrenia

Thanks, Lead3. That worked - I had no idea SP1 was available stand-alone. So while the 'Installed Update' list is still screwed up, the thing itself is in place.

To Rob (Crossy): In my case, there was definitely no HD activity while the machine sat there with '0 downloaded, 0 remaining'. And as it sat there for maybe 5 minutes, I doubt whether waiting for half-an-hour would have changed anything. But thanks for the suggestion ...
Re: Windows 7 SP1 - Schizophrenia

You're welcome.
I'm glad it worked out.
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