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[SOLVED] Wifi Card causes Taskmgr Overdrive - Help!

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Dell Inspiron 1100, Win XP Home SP2, 2.4 Celeron, 512 Ram, 3GB left on C partiton.

I installed a Airlink101 awlc4030 a while ago. It worked like a charm, except for this annoying squeaky sound that it caused. My regular linksys 54mb wifi card didnt make any noise.

I played around with backtrack2 trying to play around with my network. I was required to change the card to monitor mode, not managed mode. Keep this in mind.

About a week ago my computer became sluggish. After reinstalling alot of stuff I felt hopeless. I then found something today about drivers eating up alot of cpu. They use kernel memory. I made the task manager display kernel memory usage in the performance tab.
  • When the card was ejected, the task manager used 2-4% cpu and almost 0 kernel memory in the cpu.
  • When I plug the card in, the task manager spikes from 2-30% and so does the kernel cpu usage.
  • When I connect to the internet the task manager spikes from 10-80%. The kernel usage is about 90%. The cpu runs at 100% all the time.

I reinstalled the driver, but it didn't do anything.

Could I have messed up the card by putting it in monitor mode?
If so, can I reset the card?

Plus, I used System Mechanic to optimize my Internet Connection, if thats a variable. Could System Mechanic mess up my internet settings, because the pc goes nuts when I connect to the internet?

I didn't try my linksys card yet to see if it's a airlink card problem or system wide problem. I will report when I test the linksys card.

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Re: Wifi Card causes Taskmgr Overdrive - Help!

My Linksys WPC54G v3 worked like a charm. It kept taskmgr.exe at 2-4%. The kernel cpu usage was also low.

I also booted in safe mode with networking. I thought that maybe Kaspersky was causing some trouble. The airlink card still caused the computer to go at 100%.

I'm going to go to a friend and see if the card presents a problem on his computer. If it does it means that the card is faulty I guess.

If anyone can think of anything that I can do with my computer in the meantime, I would appreciate the help.
Re: Wifi Card causes Taskmgr Overdrive - Help!

I solved the problem I think. The linksys card must of reset something when I inserted it. I later reinstalled the driver for the airlink card again and boom, the problem was solved.
You are not clear with your thoughts, will you give more information. So I can help you out in this matter.
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