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[SOLVED] unterminated strng constant

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Dear friends,

I have been using Skype 5.1 for quite some time. three days back I have upgraded it to 5.3. Since then I am getting the following trouble it says

script error on the page
error line1
character 147128
code 0
error:unterminated string constant
Url: home/1/combined.js?1f6f23a5521ef59540627d68e66dfae6

although the online Skype page comes the Skype home does not come it continues to search.

I did uninstall the Skype setup.exe and Skype.setup.applications and downloaded again and reinstalled but the same java script error returns and the Skype home which used to come instantaneously three days back with version 5.1 doesn't come. Also I am not able to use Skype.

First it used to come as Internet explorer error on the page . Now it comes as script error after uninstalling and re-down loading and installing Skype 5.3

Please suggest what can be done. I am having the internet explorer9 with Bing. Till to day I was using IE8 Beta. I thought it might have got some bug and upgraded it to IE9.

I look forward for your help. I tried to find the file combined.js but could not.


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Re: unterminated strng constant

Hello arkasree and welcome to the forum.

Please do this:

Please go to the links below to update the following:


Then Go Here to find what version of Java you are running, and please post back the results.
Re: unterminated strng constant

Dear friend,
as per your advice
I did download both flash player10.2 and shockwave but did not install them. they were saved into downloads file. The java version I have my java version as suggested by you it is 1.6.0_24 from Sun Microsystems Inc
Re: unterminated strng constant

Shall I install both flash player and the shockwave ?.I think I am already running an updated version of flash player. however if you suggest I will install both of them. Now in the message I sent I wrote /1/ but on closer examination i noticed it as /i/ in the URL of my message. sorry for the mistake.
Re: unterminated strng constant

Hello again,

Yes please install both.
Re: unterminated strng constant

Hello friends ,

I did install both of them and even after restarting the computer the error continues to appear as it is without any change. Please suggest what shall I do further to get rid of this error.

Re: unterminated strng constant

Hello arkasree ,

Please do the following:

Reset Internet Explorer Settings - IEBlog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs

Clean TEMP files

Click Here to download ATF Cleaner by Atribune. Save it to your Desktop.

Go to your desktop and double click on ATF-Cleaner.exe.


Under Main. Click Select All, then click Empty
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Re: unterminated strng constant

Hi Friends,

Thanks a lot the above procedure suggested has worked and the skype is restored to its original shape. I am really very glad. I have not yet talked with any body on that but, after talking, I will come back to you if there is any problem.

The tech support forum is really very patient and helpful. I appreciate the same.

Thanks once again,

Re: unterminated strng constant

No worries. Glad to have helped.
Hi friends


No worries :smile:

I will mark this thread as solved and close it. If the problem returns please send me a PM and I will re-open it for.

This applies only to the original thread starter.
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