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My issue is a full system hang without BSOD (no mem dump). It seems to occur while playing Flash games, like Zynga Poker. Windows hangs completely, no cursor movement, no recovery. I let one hang sit for nearly an hour before hard-resetting.

O.S. - Windows 7 Professional SP1 (amd64)
HW age - Less than 1 year.
Planned reinstallation less than a week ago.
HW change previous to issue - Remove 500GB Seagate SATA drive, install 1TB WD SATA drive. Remove OCZ SSD as OS drive.

History of PC and issue.

The PC is a self built machine (specs in drop down) completed less than a year ago.

  • First installation of Windows ran without issue.
  • Second installation of Windows (to SSD) was temporary whilst I organized, consolidated and backed up my files from 4 HDDs. No issues.
  • Third installation (current install) on 8/13.
  • Starting on 8/15 the system suffered from a Hang while playing Zynga Poker with my son. Dismissed as a one-off issue.
  • 8/16 I was spending time with my son teaching him about computer hardware and playing Zynga Poker with him the PC suffered an abrupt shutdown (immediate off).
  • After troubleshooting I found what appeared to be the culprit in a loose SATA power connection to my modular PSU (SeaSonic X650).
  • The immediate shutdowns ceased, but the hangs still occur.

What I have done (Troubleshooting and repair)
Full gamut of hardware diagnostics;
  • HDD0 - WD Caviar Black SATA 3 500GB (OS Drive) - Checked and passed
  • HDD1 - WD Caviar Black SATA 2 1TB - Checked and passed
  • Memory - 16GB Kingston HyperX Blu - Tested extensively and passed
  • CPU - AMD Phenom 1100T x6 - OCCT for 2+ hours (pass) Prime95 (DOS - pass)
  • Full tear-down / inspection of HW components.
  • Full test of PSU voltages (idle and under load) with Multimeter (Steady voltages well within ATX parameters - pass)
Software Diagnostics and Drivers;
  • chkdsk c: /f/r - No errors reported
  • SFC /scannow - No violations or file corruption found
  • Update Video drivers
  • Update Chipset drivers
  • Update SATA drivers
  • Uninstall and reinstall Flash Player (twice)
  • Went through Event Viewer and checked/repaired errors.

ToDo list...

Zero write and Fresh installation of Windows...

Attached are the output files of the JCGriff app... Even though there are no dumps.

All system events are post-last crash. I cleared the Event Viewer Log files earlier today.

It truly appears to me that the system hangs are only occurring when playing Flash based Apps (Zynga Poker). I have not, to my knowledge, had one single crash or hang since this computer was built. (until now)

If you need more info, please ask. If I don't find resolution soon, I am going to procede with the wipe and reinstallation.

Thank you, in advance, for your time and attention.



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Re: System hangs no BSOD, fresh install Windows 7

Things I have done to this point...

Downgrade to Flash 11.2 from 11.3.
Downgrade from IE9 to IE8
Run further HW tests to pinpoint any HW failures.
Ran multiple malware scans (MSE/ESET Online/MBAM)

All above steps did not resolve the issue.

Replace my newer SeaSonic X650 modular PSU with my old Corsare TX850.
Complete disassembly and re-build of my PC with physical inspection of each component.

I have yet to have a freeze/hang since replacing the PSU. I will give it a few days before I make any assumptions.

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Re: System hangs no BSOD, fresh install Windows 7

Well... After much more troubleshooting and HW testing I have located the problem and rectified it.

Despite a 4 hour Furmark GPU burn in and numerous tests that said it was ok, my extensive troubleshooting over the past week led me to my Video Card. I swapped my nVidia 9800GTX+ for a spare Radeon HD 4550 and haven't had the issue since. No hangs, no system shut downs.
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