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Hey guys,

im new here so if i leave anything out let me know.

I have recently installed Windows XP SP3 and now my Soundmax drivers dont seem to be working?

As i lost my IBM Thinkcentre driver CD I have had to goto to download the newest update for my audio card which comes under the filename > q1vdo25us13.

In device manager Multimedia Audio Controller has a yellow question mark on it and also unknown device > when i try to update the driver it updates successfully but nothing happens. Then i try to update the driver manually through the setup.exe bit this also dosent work! This driver worked perfectly before and i also installed every other driver from lenovo and they all work perfectly.

If there is anything that will help you solve this please let me know.

::EDIT:: i think its a problem with the Microsoft Universal Audio Architecture (UAA) Bus not being installed properly but i have installed the SP3 hotfix off the microsoft site and they have installed correctly without any problems but this problem still persists.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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