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[SOLVED] RRAS and multiple domains

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I'm trying to connect two domains under a single forest using RRAS. Both domains are running Server 2008.

I've followed steps on Microsoft TechNet to configure RRAS for LAN routing but nothing appears to be happening when I conect the two machines.

In the Network Connections window in both domains, the PCI LAN cards are not even registering the cable being plugged in.

All IP addresses are correct as DHCP & DNS servers are authenticating clients in both domains.

Any help appreciated!
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Re: RRAS and multiple domains

Something doesn't add up here.

You say you have two domains under the same forest. Only way that can happen is one is the parent and the other the child. Since you don't mention that I have to suspect these two domains are NOT in the same forest even if that forest is using the same name for both.

Please clarify your situation
How are these physically connected now?
Re: RRAS and multiple domains

We're setting up one DC as a new domain in a new forest then adding three more new domains to the forest.
Acording to our trainer, these are NOT child/sub domains but top-level domains which will result in four top-level domains.

At the moment they aren't physically connected (this is something we're in the process of learning how to do) but I think the idea is to use the LAN routing capability of RRAS to connect them via a switch.
I understand under normal circumstances separate domains must be joined by a router not a switch.

Does this help at all or just cloud the water?
Re: RRAS and multiple domains

...apparently you can use the Active Directory Migration Tool, which is downloadable from Microsoft, to merge multiple domains under a single forest.
Re: RRAS and multiple domains


I've configured LAN routing in RRAS and now the two domain controllers can see each other over the network but I still can't take control of one domain from the other computer.
I've enabled RIP under RRAS and set up the network adapters on the two DCs.

In the server manager window I'm expanding Roles -> Active Directory Domain Services -> Active Directory Users and Computers and right-clicking (our domain) then selecting Change Domain from the menu.
When I type (the other domain) and OK it thinks for a while and then shows the following error message:

"The domain could not be found because: The server is not operational."

The server is blatantly operational as I'm looking at it in the network window!
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