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[SOLVED] Rookie question, easy to answer..

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Hello everyone.

I know this is going to sound totally simple to all of you but the concept is far from clear to me right now:

I have installed Exchange server 2010 on MS 2008. I have successfully set my FQDN to:
I now (think) I have to set MX and A records to route email for to

This is all happening on a virtually hosted server - so the router/ISP is all controlled by my virtual hosting company (from whom I bought funny domain). Are they the ones who configure the MX/A records or do I do it? And if

Many many many thanks in advance for any advice you could provide.

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Re: Rookie question, easy to answer..

An MX record is a DNS record that points to an A host record for your servers, and all of this should be configured on the DNS server that hosts the domain. If your hoster controls your DNS (if they originally set up your domain for you, then that is likely), then they would be the ones you would query to set up an A record for that server and point an MX record to it.
Fantastic, I'm checking with them now.
Thank you!
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