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[SOLVED] Repairing ReiserFS

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I have a HP Media Vault that was not being used, so I pulled the Hard Drive out to place inside of my desktop. When I booted the machine up Windows prompted me to initialize the disc. I unknowingly hit OK, the drive now shows up as unallocated space in the Windows Storage Manager.

I then proceeded to use Testdisk to recover the drive, however the only time I can get Testdisk to find the files and missing partitions, is if I select "none" for the partition table type. Since I've selected "none" it won't let me write a new table.

Does anyone know how I can recover the files, the file systems it finds is, ReiserFS, Linux Swap 2 and Linux Raid.
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Re: Repairing ReiserFS

Any hard drive gurus? I can't find any software that will fix the partition table under windows!
Re: Repairing ReiserFS

You can't fix file systems, using Windows, that Windows does not support. You will need a bootable disc/tools for the OS that is damaged.
Re: Repairing ReiserFS

I've never successfully salvaged a reiser file system. Likely it was using the Linux soft raid for the actual file storage. You can try UFSexplorer, and use that to recover the files to another disk. All the media vaults I saw looked like raid systems, so you will need to connect all the drives and rebuild it as a virtual raid. What model Media Vault is it?
Re: Repairing ReiserFS

I found a successful solution to retrieving all the data off the drive. I guess it is kind of media vault specific. But the same idea can be used for other drives I would assume.

Here is how I used your instructions with my MV drive in a USB housing connected to a laptop booted from Ubuntu CD:

1. Get an Ubuntu boot CD (I'm using 8.04 beta)
2. Boot from CD into Ubuntu, making sure the MV drive is in a USB housing and already connected to the system
3. System -> Administration -> Software Sources
* Check Community-Maintained Open Source software (universe)
* Click Close
* Click Reload
4. Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal
* Type: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install hexedit
5. Get into hexedit for /dev/sdb
* Type: hexedit /dev/sdb
6. In HexEdit, search for ReIsEr
* Hit the Tab key (Toggles to the ASCII column)
* Hit Ctrl-S (puts you in search mode)
* Type: ReIsEr
7. When you find the line (ex. 1E859830), change the last two digits of the line number to 00 (ex. 1E859800).
8. Convert Hex to Decimal (ex. 512071680)
9. Mount it up (loop0 was already taken on my system, so I moved to loop1)
* Type: sudo losetup -o $[ 512071680 - 65536 ] /dev/loop1 /dev/sdb
* Type: sudo mkdir /mnt/tmp1
* Type: sudo mount -r -t reiserfs /dev/loop1 /mnt/tmp1

You should now be able to see contents on /mnt/tmp1
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