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[SOLVED] Removing *,tmp file

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I am a newbie to this forum and I have a problem I am doing a manual cleanup of my computer and one of the first steps is to click start> search > Files or folders then type in *,tmp.
These are suppose to be tempory files created by windows and are suppose to be close out when you shut down your computer. But It doesn't always happen so there is a need to delete them.
Now I have used this manual clean up on earlier versions of windows with no trouble but with XP i am getting a message " Error deleting file or folder cannot read file or folder" yes it has deleted some of the files but not all of them can any body help with suggestions to delete these files without losing everything else on my computer like history or book marks?
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Re: Removing *,tmp file

Hello VJ, Welcome to TSF! :wave:

Windows® does have a couple of built-in 'garbage cleaners'.

1: Right click > Internet Explorer Desktop Icon > Properties > Delete cookies > OK > Delete Files > Tick the box > Delete all offline content > OK click the Content Tab > Clear SSL State > OK .

2: How to use the Windows® XP Disk CleanUp tool. ( Click the coloured link. )

These two utilities will help keep the HDD 'clean'...use them both regularly, as well as using The Disk Defragmenter once a week.
Both of them will only delete the unnecessary 'garbage', whereas other system cleaners can remove vital files.
I have got into the habit of using Method One every night as part of the shutdown process, and Method Two once a week.

3: Go Start > Run > type in the box msconfig > Enter.
This opens the System Configuration Utility > StartUp > list here are all the programs that are set to start with Windows®.
Untick those that you do not want to start with Windows > Apply > ok; the computer will want to reboot; allow it to do so.
If you are unsure which programs are safe to disable; post a list here and we will advise you.

Please Note: Do Not disable your Anti Virus or 'real time' Anti Spyware programs.

Upon restarting, a Pane will open stating that you have altered the StartUp Configuration; tick the box Don't show this message again, and you are right to go.

Try these 3 methods, then post back with the results.

Kind Regards,
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Re: Removing *,tmp file

Dave T, Firstly thank you for your most warm welcome to the forum and your sound advice.
I know about the built in cleanup in XP and I do use it regularly But this manual cleanup is a me thingy that I like to do on occassions it was something pick up way back.
It in volves Clearing the *,tmp files
emptying the emails
emptying the recycle bin several times
clearing the clipboard
clearing out the internet folder
doing the history, cookies and tempory files
and then the scan disc and defrag
It's all probably an over kill but I am more or less house bound and gives me something to do
Once again thank you
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