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Hi i 've had this issue for a couple of days now, and really cant think of what to do. I decided that i would format my dekstop pc to have it all cleaned out of old rubish.
I started the process with restarting my machine... booted the windows xp pro 64 edition cd /dvd.. came into the Setup, deleted the partition and hit enter to install windows again. Then it came up the choice to format quick or regular... i first did the regular one. After finishing it gave me this message :

- "Windows Xp was unable to format because this drive may be damaged.

Please check your SCSI devices to see if they are functioning correctly or if they have the correct drivers, so on and so forth"

Then i tried the quick choice of formatting and the same message came up :

- "Windows Xp was unable to format because this drive may be damaged.

Please check your SCSI devices to see if they are functioning correctly or if they have the correct drivers, so on and so forth"

After this i got a little bit frustrated and restarted the machine and started from scratch again, but this time i chose quick first. after the formatting process started it went straight to 20% then 100%.
Suddenly the setup started to copying the windows files over but within a minute or so it stops an i got this message :

- "Setup cannot copy the file :bootvid.dll " or something .......

I hit retry and it starts to go again, but after awhile it stops and another message pops up :

- "Setup cannot copy the file :userenv.dll "

try to go again but the message pops up immediately and cant go further.

I decided to try to install a win 7 xp 64 ultimate version instead to check if the same problems persisted...

i noticed the win 7 seemed to lag or was really slow when booting in. I came to the partition screen after selecting my language etc... and formated it again and was trying to install win 7.

Then this came up :

"Setup was unable to create a new system partition or locate an existing system partition.

Then i searched the web on forums etc for a solution for any of these problems i got with both the OS's and came across a dude that told me to insert my driver disk for the motherboard when i got to the partition screen and load them before i continued and put my win install cd /dvd into my drive again.

That worked out and the system started up after a Veeeeery slow installation and i noticed when i was setting my system up it lagged like hell.

Came into windows and after updating all my drivers and graphic card it still persists with the lagging. Tried optimazing the system with advanced system optimizer, still lagged. Tried using the ccleaner for the registry, still lagged.
Updated the bios, still lagged..

So i am now back to square one and trying to get my win xp pro 64 bit to work again:p

Could you guys or anyone out there please give me a hand, so i can get this **** up and going again. Kinda in a bad place since i work with 3d computer graphics and really need my workstation to work like it should.

The machine is only a year old and there should not be any problems with it already :

These are my specs :

1 x Seagate 250GB 7200rpm Serial ATA-II-300 HDD w. 8MB Cache (ST3250310AS) Barracuda 7200.10

1 x Seagate 1500GB (1.5TB) 7200rpm Serial ATA-II-300 HDD w.32MB Cache (ST31500341AS) Barracuda 7200.11, NCQ

2 x OCZ 6GB (3 x 2GB) PC3-15000 1866MHz DDR3 RAM - 9-9-9-28 - Platinum Series

1 x Intel Core i7 940 Quad Core (2.93GHz) - LGA1366, 4.8GT/s QPI, 8MB Cache

1 x ASUS P6T Deluxe Motherboard<br><i>LGA1366, X58, 1600FSB, 6x DDR3-1600, 3x PCI-Ex16 v2.0, 6x SATA-II, 2x SAS, RAID, 8Chl, Firewire, ATX</i>

1 x Sapphire Radeon HD 4870 - 1GB DDR5, 256-bit, 2x DVI, HDTV, PCI-Ex16 v2.0<br><i>(750MHz, 3.6GHz)</i>

1 x Corsair 1000W HX1000W Power Supply - ATX 12V v2.2, 140mm Fan, Modular Cables, SLI Ready<br><i>10x SATA, 6x PCI-E 8-pin (6-pin Compatible)</i>

1 x Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP2c 64-bit, CD - OEM

2 x BenQ E2200HD LCD Monitor - Gloss Black/Silver<br><i>21.5", Widescreen 16;9, 2ms, 1920x1080, DVI+VGA, HDMI, Speakers</i>

1 x Logitech PRO 2800 Cordless Desktop - USB, 1000dpi, Channel Exclusive

1 x ThermalTake Soprano RS 100 Steel Chassis Inc. Side Window no PSU- Black

1 x LG GGC-H20L Blu-Ray/HD-DVD Combo Drive - SATA, Retail<br><i>6x BD-ROM Read, 3x HD-DVD ROM Read, 16x DVD±R, 6x DVD-RW, Lightscribe</i>

1 x Belkin SurgeStrip E-Series - Surge Suppressor - 4-Way

1 x Intel PRO/1000 PT - 10/100/1000Mbps Desktop Gigabit Ethernet Adapter, PCI-Ex1 (EXPI9300PT)

But changed the desktop adapter to a D-link rangebooster n 650 , Dwa 547 not so long ago..

Any help is appreciated



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Re: Problems installing windows after formatting !

From all these errors it would seem your hard drive might be damaged.
On which hard drive is windows loaded? Are you now back to Windows XP or on Windows 7?
Try to disconnect the 2nd hard drive (the one without windows) and see if your performance issue persists.
You can also look in event viewer (the system log). I am sure you might see errors there.

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Re: Problems installing windows after formatting !

OK here we go !

So far i've done all your suggestions and all the tests came out A OK..
Used chkdsk at startup and a Seagate utility for the hdd manufacturer to check the hdd's.
I unplugged the 2nd hdd, in my case the 1,5 tb, and tried, still the same issues.

After some more reading and troubleshooting I ended up leaving the 2nd hdd disconnected due to some people who had installed win 7 with their 2nd hdd connected and all their data got corrupted when they finally got their os up and running.

Anyways, it seems that I've found a solution for the slow install of win 7 64 bit systems. Atleast it worked for me and heaps of others.
By disabling the floppy drive in the bios (not just the boot order,but disable the whole thing), after that it all went smooth. some may need to install drivers aswell in the partition screen, guess it depends on the mobo.

But, after i installed win 7 and updated all the drivers for my graphics card and my mobo, it still seems to lag a bit. Freaky annoying.

I even bought a new hdd and tried to install win7 there but the same lag was appearent, i needed one anyways for storage So hehe yea.
But i really need to get rid of this lag thing asap. Im getting insane.

I've tried to run the resource monitor and analyze the wait chain when the lag is appearing, to see what's causing it but i couldnt figure it out of the numbers it gave me

Yesterday i saw it was the mmc.exe file that was not responding, but after a fresh clean installation again it is now the explorer that stops responding.

I just came across a dude who told me that it could be that win7 does not format your drive properly and that is why you get the not responding (lag ) when in windows.
I've also read this in some forums.
Could this be the case ? and how should i proceed to get it cleaned out ?

Any suggestions !

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Re: Problems installing windows after formatting !

Ok guys, i did a clean install on my new drive again and it all went smooth, and now my computer is back to normal and is fast as hell. I don't know why the new hdd acted lagging the first time i tried clean install on it earlier today but anyhow, now its all good :)

It seems that the other hdd, the 250gig that i used before is broken. I tried to plug it in in sata 4 and do a format from disk management, but i cant see it there. I now use my new 750 gig drive in sata 1 for windows. I can see the 250 (broken one i think) in bios but not when i'm in windows.
I'll try this for a bit just to see if i can revive this hdd, if not i'm returning it for a warranty claim

any suggestions?
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