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hi am loading a new computer with windows 98se.
I had the system loaded once with windows and installed microsoft money. for some reason it got held up on downloading i'm assuming that it wanted to connect to the internet but i didn't have a connection set up. so i cancelled that part of the installation. i then deleted whatever was put on my computer for money... and then next time i rebooted...the hard drive light just blinked constantly. i hit ctrl alt delete to find out
what was running in the background and it showed a downloading software entry. so i stopped that task but everytime the system reboots that came back up. so i reloaded windows..
first formatting the drive with a /u /s command and then also
using the format utiltity that came with the drive and put all 0's
on the drive. i reloaded windows.. and guess what the program
still is running in the background. i don't know what else to
do.. any ideas that anyone might have to stop this program
from loading. It obviously has attached itself kind of like a virus
or something but i have no idea on what to do?!!! any ideas
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