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[SOLVED] PC does not detect sound card

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Vista 32-bit Home Premium
Cooler Master Cosmos Silver 850W

Q6700 2.67MHz
Asus striker 2 formula, nForce-780i SLI
XFX GF 9800GX2
Corsair Dominator TWIN2X85 2x1GB
WD Raptor X
Creative SB X-Fi Xtreme Gamer Fatal1ty Professional

Now here is the thing: My PC doesn't detect my sound card. I have no sound in my PC whatsoever.
Some have blamed the BIOS, so i had BIOS revision 1303 installed (should be the latest right?), yet nothing.

I have also disable the onboard sound card in the BIOS (HD Audio: disable) so it shouldn't be interfering with that either.

It shouldn't be a driver problem either because the PC has to detect my sound card before installing the driver. When i try to install it just says that it can't detect a creative hardware or something.

My PC was already built when i received it if that matters?

My question is obvious: how do i make my PC to recognise and detect my sound card?
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Re: PC does not detect sound card

Solved! After going through everything from BIOS to drivers i removed my soundcard and started my PC. Then i plugged it in again and it worked!
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