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[SOLVED] PC Cuts Out After 1 Minute

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Hey All,

A few days ago my friend's PC failed on him. When asking tech support they advised his data may be lost so I offered to connect his hard drives to mine so we could backup the data.

Upon doing so, when trying to boot up my computer it would get to the Windows XP loading screen then suddenly cut out. The same would happen if I was to go to BIOS setup etc. It's around a minute that it suddenly decides to die.

My theory is that my PSU couldn't handle the extra hard drive i connected and has given up on me. Does this sound likely?

Here is my PC's specs

Windows XP SP3


Nvidia 8800GTX 758MB

Corsair x2 DDR2 1GB

Let me know if you need any more info!


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Re: PC Cuts Out After 1 Minute

Custom build or a branded PC?
If branded, what brand and model?
If custom Brand and model of the motherboard, CPU?

Look in the Bios for a PC health page, note the CPU and System Temps, as well as the readings for the 12v, 5v, 3.3v power rails.
Re: PC Cuts Out After 1 Minute

Hey Wrench,

Thanks for the reply.

Just realised after posting that I forgot to mention the Motherboard/CPU >.<

The PC is custom build.

Motherboard: Foxconn P35AX series

CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600

CPU: 90∘c

SYS TEMP: 30∘c

12v: 12.320

5v: 4.961



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Re: PC Cuts Out After 1 Minute

90c is way too hot for the CPU, check the heat sink assembly if it's the stock unit it may have 1 or 2 of the 4 legs that attach it to the motherboard pop up loose, if it has you'll need to redo the thermal paste between the heat sink and CPU> Arctic Silver Incorporated - Route to Product Instructions for Arctic Silver 5
Re: PC Cuts Out After 1 Minute

I thought so too, which was weird because the CPU is never that high on a normal occasion.

You were right, two of the legs are flimsy. I will see if I can find some thermal paste and re-apply.

Will let you know of the result.
Re: PC Cuts Out After 1 Minute


All is working fine now. Thanks a lot!
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