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[SOLVED] P4C800 Windows Boot Problems

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Hi, I'm new here!

I went through all the threads dealing with the ASUS P4C800, and I was reluctant to post ANOTHER one on the same subject, but none of my problems were addressed in other threads.

The problem I am having is that I wanted to use my HD's from my previous system. Because of school I use a HD bay and I have 3 HD all running Windows XP.

After changing all my options in BIOS to IDE and turning off the Fast Track promise my computer boots up to the point where I choose whether to go into Safe Mode, Last Good Configuration, Normal and all the others.

It doesnt matter which one I choose my system restarts. Are there any options I missed? I already tried turning off Quick Boot, so it would run all the tests, still nothing. Hope you guys can help me out on this on.

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Welcome to the forums sk8rboiiii.......:D

THe only thing that I can think of that may help is put the hard drive in then boot to your XP CD and to a fast repair. But I would like someone else to verify that this is a good idea first as it may not be your problem.
Your question is so vague. Who could even answer it? It really does not make any sense. Why are you trying to use 3 hardrives in the first place? You can only have 1 drive as the master. The other 2 can be slaves. Windows will always boot to drive C. Unless you change that within the format and swap drives to be the primary partiion. If you are running XP on all 3 drives I guess I do not understand the question. What is the point? Explain the question with more detail and maybe someone can help you with what you are trying to accomplish.
Its not that hard to understand. I use a hard drive bay. You put your hard drive in a cartridge like box, so you can turn off the computer and easily switch the hard drives. I am not running all 3 at one time ( thats the part that may have caused some confusion, sorry :angel: ) \. I was just stating the fact that no matter which hard drive I try starting up with, the end result is the same, I get to the list of choices to boot Windows, and it doesnt matter which option is chosen, the computer restarts. This never occurred on my old PC, so I am sort of lost as to what could be the cause other than the mother board.

Hope that explanation helps. Thanks.
I understood you just fine as I used to do the same exact thing only with different OS's in each swappable bay. Unfortunately sometimes when you try to drag a setup from one motherboard to another the results aren't very good. It works with some but not with others, hard to figure.
Do you still have your old system handy?
I saw that you understood, I was just clearing things up for smjsky.

I do have my old system, except I took the video card from it and have it in my new system because its a relatively new card(less than 1 year old).
P4C800 Windows Boot Problems

If i understood you correctly you said that you use three removable hard drives. you have to remember that each hard drive has windows xp from your older machine. if this is the case there are system settings stored on each of the hard drives so it will work with that system most of the time when you want to change a hard drive from one machine to another you have to format it and do a clean install of the OS. Because if you dont it can cause the machine not to boot properly this is what your problem sounds like to me but since i have not seen the machine i could be wrong. i can only try to help based on what you say.

I dont think your motherboard is bad.

Try to format one hard drive and redo the partion but do it on the new machine. and see if it works i think it will.

Ps Turn quick boot back on its not causing the problem.

Hope this helps

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It works!

I did a repair of Windows and everything starts up fine. I now have to do this to my other two drives. Thank you guys for your insight and tips!
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