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[SOLVED] Overheating?

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On some days my pc gets really loud when its hot in the room. Now my current specs are

Dell 4600
2.8ghz p4 processor
512mb ram
geforce 5200

I'm wondering that if I upgrade the ram to a gb and get the geforce 6600GT graphics card, will this cause the CPU to melt if it already has the fan going loud with that crappy card in it?

(Also, is it possible if someone can explain to me how to
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You can use Everest Home Edition to measure your temperatures and PSU readings ('computer > sensors')
Free download from

Then check your system's power requirements at

Before doing any expensive upgrades, I would first fit a new fan and apply some good quality thermal compound to the CPU.

Post back with your readings and PSU requirements.
Speed fan is also a good program..

Anyhow, i suggest you do not keep your computer in a boxed in area or cabinet like some people do. You should also have atleast 2 fans. You should also clean up your computer, inside. Then put all ur new parts in.
Thanks for the replies guys. Does Everest tell me the V my pc has, I think I need about 250V (or is it W?) for the 6600GT. My pc is using about 350W at moment according to that site.
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