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[SOLVED] no sleep mode

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Yup --- what is pnp & apm --- how would I get there---------- no, don't bother with that. Too technical.
A simpler answer for simpler minds would do please. :-}
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Re: Computer no longer powers down after Shut Down

Ok ... no problem, but then again there is a problem. I've not the *know-how* to lumber into the Bios, so is there a simpler way to fix this.
I've gone to *power options* made a new *power plan* --- set the timing where the laptop should slip into a nice light coma and still this thing refuses to work.
There's something I'm missing, and why am I thinking you're going to have the answer for me --- looking forward to your furthered help Dai.
Re: [SOLVED] Computer no longer powers down after Shut Down

are you using the gold left hand button to to close it down on the left of the windows shut down options
if you click on the right hand one and select sleep it rarely works for me
Greetings O Dai,

I've never known this laptop to have gold (or silver) buttons --- I am noticing black buttons though.

Whatever, I'm not clicking on anything to close down this laptop. If I shut the lid, it goes to sleep. It had been, that in battery power, it would close down automatically.
My problem *had* been that it would not go to sleep while plugged in. I've solved that tonight with the help of another.
Sorry about not posting this earlier Dai --- I went to power options / change advance power settings / and scrolled down to Multimedia settings where I found one of the options set to "prevent idling to sleep" so I changed that to "allow the computer to sleep" --- and this seems to have done the trick.
I receive this info from another forum, so up to this point at least, all seems to work ok. If that changes, I'll be back begging your help. Thanks!
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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