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[SOLVED] new hdd will not let computer power up

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Hello, i just bought a new hard drive today at microcenter for $54.99. it is a Seagate Barracuda 250GB 7,200RPM IDE ATA/100 Hard Drive. I have a Dell Dimension 3000 at home and I plan to use this hdd in this computer. but when i install it and hope everything will go as plans, my computer turns on for half a second and turns back off then the power light starts to blink. I also recently upgraded my BIOS to A03. Here's my system specs:
Dell Dimension 3000
Intel Pentium 4 2.8 GHZ
1.25 GB of RAM
40 GB hdd currently
450 watt power supply
dell motherboard
windows xp professional

here is the HDD i bought:

thank you for all your help :)
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Re: new hdd will not let computer power up

Does it work O.K., if you try it without the new drive or by removing it from the system?

How do you have it set up:

How are jumpers set on both the old drive and new drive?

Where is each on the ribbon cable?

What is the brand name of the old drive?

Do you have them on the same ribbon cable?

Are you using an 80 connector CAble or one of the older 40 connector cables.
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Re: new hdd will not let computer power up

It works with an enclosure perfectly. if i remove the hdd from my computer it does the same thing as i have it in there

both the jumpers are set to cable select. i also tried master and slave but nothing works.

im only trying to install 1 hdd so i put the hdd on the slave and master on the cable. i also tried to use my old cable which only has 1 connector.

the brand name of the old hdd is western digital.

again, i'm only using 1 hdd in this setup

i'm using a newer 80 pin cable.
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Re: new hdd will not let computer power up

I am still a little unclear as to what you are doing. Let's work it this way.

First of all, check the old Western Digital and MAKE sure you have the jumpers set to MASTER with a slave. Then, put this new drive with jumpers set to slave. Then, put the old drive on the end of the ribbon cable and the slave in the middle. and try it.

What I am saying is that when you insert the new drive, you must as a rule recheck to make sure BOTH drives on that cable are compatible. YOu can't mix master/slave and Cable Select.

The old ribbon with only 1 slot would not be an 80 connector cable. The 80 connector cable would have a Blue connector, a gray connector (middle) and a black connector on the end for the master drive.

Special Attention: If you are only using the Western Digital drive ALONE on the ribbon cable, you must REMOVE all jumpers and place it at the end of the ribbon cable and leave the middle connector without anything on there.

Let us know the result when set as we have suggested.
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Re: new hdd will not let computer power up

Actually, i wanted to put the new Seagate drive as the only drive i have in the computer. i have tried to set it to master and cable select, but my computer still turns off after half a second when this drive is in there. but will having the WD as the master and the Seagate as the slave make the computer power on then? i also called dell and they said that there is a possible way to make this compatible but they will not tell me because my computer is out of warrantee.
Re: new hdd will not let computer power up

When set to master, do you have the Seagate alone on the ribbon cable and on the end connector. Does it do it with that setup.

If it stays on while both are in there, then you can clone it and not lose any data, then change it out so you have only the Seagate. There are still some options to look at with this drive.

Tell you what, go to Seagate and download Seatools and see if you can get to that drive with that utility......or, put it in another computer as slave and see if you can get it to work.

Another thing to look at. Go in to the bios with the drive that will work and make sure your Bios in the BOOT area is set to:

CDRom - 1st
Floppy - 2nd
Hard Drive - 3rd (boot drive or Seagate)

Then look in the hard drive area and see if it is listed first.

Note: Don't forget to save before you exit.

Then, put your OS disk in the drive and try to boot up with the CD and see if your computer shuts down with it set up this way and having the Seagate connected.
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Re: new hdd will not let computer power up

That does not it possible that either my hdd is defected or that my computer doesnt support it? also, i only have 1 computer...
Re: new hdd will not let computer power up

I thought the one you were writing on might be a good one to try. Anyhow, I would send that drive for an RMA or return it to the store as defective, because I think it is....don't always buy that crap from the store there is a way to fix it if you sign back up for service. If mine, I would sent it back and get another one.
Re: new hdd will not let computer power up

i got another hdd now. its a western digital 160 gb. im working on it now and it is so much faster. thanks for all your help :)
Re: new hdd will not let computer power up

My personal opinion is that WD is a better drive, so glad you did that and happy you have it up and going. Enjoy your rig and don't be a stranger on the forum, stick around and enjoy the many things going on here.
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