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[SOLVED] Netgear Router

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Recently I was elected to setup a new Netgear Router for my boss.
get ready cuz here comes some the heady situation. He lives approx. 100 yards from his place of business and refuses to get a normal internet connection to his house. instead he has a large antenna (Air2Access) on his house which gets the internet from his business.

so to clarify...

Business with DSL > WiFi > 100 yards> Antenna (air2Access) atop his house >New NETGEAR Router > His Laptop (XP)

Now i'm not a networking genius (thats why i'm here picking your brains), but am I correct in the idea that I can set that new Netgear Router with a Static IP from the Antenna, and that will put out an IP to his Laptop?

I ask because when i was trying to set it up, the antenna does not want to give the new router an IP at all under any conditions.

Need help or assistance of some kind, I like my job, but i obviously dont do the company's networking otherwise it would be setup way different.

thanks in advance.

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Re: Netgear Router

I can perform that, but I get 0's across the board.
Re: Netgear Router

Until you know how to connect directly to that unit, it's going to be impossible to connect a router to it. I don't understand the zeros, that normally indicates a problem with the machine you're connecting.

Are there parameters you're supposed to use to connect directly to the AIR2ACCESS device, say fixed IP addresses, etc.? If so, can you connect with those?

I need to see an IPCONFIG /ALL after you have successfully connected to the AIR2ACCESS box, because that's the first step.

I understand. Air2Access is not responding with any info regarding a username/password/WEP key etc. .. They say theyre looking for that information and its been over a week. Not really impressed with their response time at all.k thanks for your input, tis greatly appreciated. I will keep you posted on any problems or progress.

Re: Netgear Router

I want to thank you John Will for replying to this thread concerning this less than interesting problem:pray:. I finally got a hold of Air2Access yesterday, They're on vacation apparently for the winter!:(
I got the password from the owner, and we are all good.
Note: Dont use Air2Access.

thanks again people:wave:
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