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Apparently, my sister's computer started randomly turning itself off & my father, thinking it was because of Windows, tried to do a clean install. However.. it kept turning off prior to being able to get past the Install/Recovery Console option menu.

So I finally got to take a look at it (after he gave up) and noticed that:

a) The PSU is only 300W
b) The 12V line is putting out ~10V
c) Two of the fans have difficulty starting up


d) the point where it's turning off is when the CD drive fully revs up when the clean install is selected

At this point the case is open and the important fans next to the processor and hard drive are working, so I don't think it's an issue of overheating (especially since it's only on for about a minute before it stops). Am I right in thinking that a new PSU is in order?
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