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I have XP Home SP3 running IE7. To click back button takes 3-4 clicks before I get the previous page. The status bar shows it is trying to redirect to various ad servers but shows it is redirected to 127.0.01 even though the web page does change and no new IE windows open. I am running HotsMan on all machines. I do not experience this issue on other XP/IE7 machines running HostMan. I do not know if it started as a result of installing HostMan or not. I do know that all machines show "Done, but with errors on page" message in IE status bar.

I have disabled/rebooted HostsMan, but problem persists. I have Popup Blocker and anti-Phisihing running. I hate ad servers. They are generally the root of most of my problems and the root of all of my security concerns.

Summary of machines:
Problem machine:
XP home SP3
Spybot S&D
Avast free AV
Windows Firewall

Properly working machine:
XP Pro SP3
Norton Internet Security Suite (AV and firewall)

Any clues to what the issue is? Machine is not broken and unusable, just annoying.
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