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[SOLVED] Help, Weird Keyboard

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This is my first thr€ad.
And as you may notic€d, my l€tt€r "e" has gon€ w€ird.
Which is €xactly why im h€r€.
I was typing th€n all of a sudd€n it chang€d into this "€"
and im wond€ring how do I chang€ it back?
I tri€d r€starting my comput€r, and wh€n I did, my sp€ak€rs stopp€d working also.


and , all th€ buttons on th€ right sid€ of my backspac€ button hav€ stopp€d working :l

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Re: Help, Weird Keyboard

Welcome to TSF. :wave:

Check the keyboard settings in Control Panel.

Scan the computer for malware.
Re: Help, Weird Keyboard

this link that you gav€ m€,
it says click on th€ tools m€nu,
i dont know wh€r€ th€ tools m€nu is.
Re: Help, Weird Keyboard

well, I'm not sure but sometimes it happens when you got infected
are you sure you are free of malware?
Re: Help, Weird Keyboard

I removed the link - it's for word processing programs.

Check if there's a virus or spyware in your computer.
Re: Help, Weird Keyboard

I ch€ck€d th€ controll pan€l wh€r€ th€ k€yboard is.
and it says that its working fin€.
Re: Help, Weird Keyboard

Keyboard and sound dysfunction points at malware.

Run Kaspersky's online scanner to check for malware.
The online scan needs to install an ActiveX component before it can run.
The installation has to be accepted by you - click the screen (see below).

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Re: Help, Weird Keyboard

thats not g€tting rid of this "€"
Re: Help, Weird Keyboard

I fix€d th€ sound,
th€ € is still th€r€ though,
Re: Help, Weird Keyboard

check the keyboard is set to usa keyboard in the control panel
Re: Help, Weird Keyboard

Hi steph:],

my l€tt€r "e" has gon€ w€ird.
How did you make the "e" above?
Have you tried unplugging and replugging the keyboard at the back of your computer?
Have you tried another keyboard?
Can you make a capitol E with your keyboard?

If your keyboard has a USB plug end on it, try another port.

Just some thoughts while your are chasing down malware problems.
Since all the keys on the right side of the backspace key have failed, I suspect the keyboard.:smile:

Best regards,
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Re: Help, Weird Keyboard

Thanks mack1,
I unplugged the usb for my mouse and keyboard (they are both wireless) and as soon as I plugged it back in, the keyboard seemed to work perfectly :]
and I made the "e" above by copy and pasting it.
thankyou again.

You are very welcome.
Have a nice day.

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