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[SOLVED] Help to undo a dual boot config

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What a revolting development this is...

Hi guys,

Here's what happened...
My system was running Win XP Pro 32bit in C:, I desired to upgrade to Win 7 Pro 64bit. Everything checked out fine using Windows Advisor and I backed up my files using the Windows Easy Transfer tool. I booted the system from the Win 7 Pro 64bit disk and proceeded with the install. For some reason Win7got hung up on wanting Drivers. I loaded every driver I could get my hands on - still no success. So, I attempted to boot normally back into Win XP Pro 32bit and alas, the Boot Manager was missing.
I figured, I'm one step away from owning a brick.

Here's what I did...
I booted from my XP Pro 32bit disk and installed it onto my D: drive. I figured I would be able to load the drivers to keep the DVD drives active for a clean install of Win 7 Pro 64bit on a newly formatted C: drive. So far, so good? (I don't know what I'm doing, do I...) Then, I reformatted my C: drive and performed a clean install of Win 7 Pro 64bit. Sweet...almost. Upon reboot, I now have a dual boot system! But, I don't want that!

Here's what I got...
Gigabyte GA-880GA-UD3H Rev. 2.1
AMD Phenom II x 4 945 95Watt
PSU Seasonic X650 Gold
C: WD VelociRaptor 300Gig
D: WD Caviar Blue 640Gig
F: WD Caviar Blue 640Gig
8 Gigs DDR3 RAM
Lite-On IHAS-324-98 R x 2

Drive Status:
C: Simple Basic NTFS - Healthy (Boot, Page File, Active, Crash Dump, Primary Partition)
D: Simple Dynamic NTFS - Healthy (System)
F: Simple Dynamic NTFS - Healthy

Here's what I want to do...
I want to have Win 7 Pro 64bit stay on C:
I want to rid myself of Win XP Pro 32bit on D: so I can format and use that drive for data and backups only.

Evidently, I'm not so sure about what I'm doing, so I desperately need some help to walk me through the steps... something about Boot.ini files...? I don't know.

If necessary, I can reformat and reinstall Win 7. There's not much on it right now, but I'd really rather not. I'd have done that, but the system won't let me.

Now I'm thinking, (which is dangerous) that I could disconnect the D: Drive, and boot from the Win 7 disk to format and reinstall Win 7. But then, I wouldn't be able to reconnect the D: Drive (with a System on it) and boot up from C: in order to reformat the D: Drive! Something tells me this is not a good thing. "No guts, no glory" is not a confident move for me... :)

I've been reading previous posts and solutions here to the point where I'm totally confused! Can you tell?

I need some help which would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Re: Help to undo a dual boot config


Boot into Windows 7, right-click My Computer and click Manage, then click Disk Management. Can you see your D: Drive? If so then you should be able to right-click it and format it

Let me know!

Re: Help to undo a dual boot config

Thanks ifcgeorge... No Go on format D: - There's a system on it.
Appreciate you looking in :)
I've found an alternative method. Many thanks!


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Re: Help to undo a dual boot config

Please share with us your method so that it may help others. You always can mark your threads Solved in the Thread Tools at the top. I will mark this thread Solved for you.
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