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[SOLVED] Help me update bios

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I ordered my new (first time) custom built system. It is going to be delivered tomorrow (in fact I missed the delivery man today, so they will redeliver it tomorrow).

After I put all part together I would want to update bios.
How do I do it?
Where do I get it?
How do I install it?

My mother board is:
Open Box: GIGABYTE GA-EX38-DS4 LGA 775 Intel X38 ATX Intel Motherboard

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Re: Help me update bios

you get them from the download section for your m/b at the gigabye site
the install instructions usually come with the update or in your manual for the motherboard
check what is on there first it may already have the latest release on it
Re: Help me update bios

Alright, thanks.

I just went to the website and checked it out.
I can see that there is bios versions F1, F2, F3. F3 is the latest one, but:

1. How do I find out which version I have installed?
2. There is such thing as driver and bios. Should I be updating a driver too?
3. I couldn't find the instructions on the website. Hopefully I'll have a manual that is going to come with the mother board, but I don't want to risk the time. Can someone tell me how to install bios? Do I do it out of windows? Do I have to burn it on a cd and boot from it when system loads? ...
Re: Help me update bios

i am not sure of the gigabyte proceedure as i use asus boards
the bios version will be on one of the post screens
the how to link is on the left of the bios screen
Re: Help me update bios

I installed a program that came with the motherboard on cd. It had automatically detected my bios, downloaded a new one, and installed it.

I am marking this topic as "SOLVED".

Thanks for the help.
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