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[SOLVED] Firefox and Spotify connection problems, possible virus related?

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Hello, wonder if someone can help.

I was looking for a program earlier to capture a live video stream from a sports streaming website, where my problems began. I installed a program called Blader/Coojah which is made by a Chinese person i think, so a bit of guesswork was needed to navigate the install. However the program didnt do what i wanted so i went to uninstall it.

During this uninstall i was again guessing which buttons to press when clicking one of them (which i assumed to be the final 'delete' button) shut the pc down. It loaded back up, with the program having been removed (apparently). However when i went to use Firefox i found that clicking on my bookmarks would do nothing, and stay on the same screen. Its a bit like if you have no connection to the internet, except that it didnt go to a 'no connection' type page. Furthermore Spotify, which along with Firefox was also running at the time the pc shut down says it cannot connect either.

I assumed this was an internet problem until i clicked IE and found that to be working fine, as are all my games and everything.

I therefore guessed that either MSE was causing problems or Windows Firewall. Ive turned the Firewall off completely and nothing, so decided to remove MSE and install the trial of Kaspersky. Install went mostly fine until the page to activate the program, where it keeps saying it cannot connect to the server. I therefore have no proper way to scan the system to see if theres a virus or something with kaspersky that i know from previous use to be pretty good.

Does anyone have any ideas of ways i can either get Kaspersky to activate or to solve the problem with Firefox/Spotify?


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Re: Firefox and Spotify connection problems, possible virus related?

Happily, ive now sorted it and it turned out to be much easier than i thought. Coojah contains a 'sniffer' that goes round and looks for the streams etc to download them. I hadnt uninstalled that before uninstalling the program, which stopped Firefox and Spotify. They are working again now :)

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Thanks for letting us know.
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