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[SOLVED] explorer.exe keeps crashing

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Hi all!

I'm using Windows XP SP2.
explorer.exe always crashes when right-clicking on a folder, file, and even Start menu.

This *only happens when logged on as an ordinary user (limited account).
When logged on as administrator, this doesn't happen; everything goes normally.

If I make the user account an administrator account, then this goes back to normal. But for security sake, I intentionally want to limit this user account as an ordinary user.

Any solution to my problem is very welcome.

Thanks in advance!
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Re: explorer.exe keeps crashing

@spunk.funk: Thanks!

Problem solved.

The culprit is one or some of programs activated on right-click (context menu).

As suggested on Windows Xp: Explorer.exe Crashes On Certain Accounts - KnowledgeSutra, using ShellExView, I disabled all programs except the ones from MS Windows.

After this, right-clicking on a folder or file doesn't crash explorer.exe anymore.

Thanks! :D
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Done. Thanks for the info! :)
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