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[SOLVED] Excel Question

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Hi Guys,

I will do my best at explaining my situation, hopefully it is possible and someone knows how.

We have a Workbook which is used to log Calls done over the Radio for Security guards. Just to have a copy of where they have been at what time.

Now at the moment they have to say their Security Licence over the radio to Identify who they are.

Now I had an idea, if each guard had a pass-phrase sort of thing.

E.G. John Blow = JG467

He states his pass-phrase of the radio and whoever is monitoring enters the Pass-Phrase into the excel.

Once the the Pass-Phrase has been entered, in a cell next to it, it comes up with the guards name assigned with that Phrase.

Would something like this be possible.

I know a database is more suitable, but I wanted to give this idea a try
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Re: Excel Question

Two columns and use the 'Find' feature?
Re: Excel Question

How about using a simple VLOOKUP?

Let's say, for example, you create a lookup table with a column of passphrases in column G and the names in column H, so that range G1:H5 looks something like this:

   G                H
2  DC453            Ken Gold
3  JG467            John Blow
4  AB952            Rich Bigg
5  BR549            Junior Samples
Now, let's say you want to type the passphrase in cell B2 and have the guard's name appear in cell A2. You might set it up like this:

   A                B
1  NAME             PASSPHRASE
2                   JG467
To get the guard's name in this example, you would enter a formula like this in cell A2:

Then, when you put JG467 in cell B2, cell A2 would show John Blow. If you put DC453 in cell B2, cell A2 would show Ken Gold.
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Re: Excel Question

Thanks Guys for your replies.

David M58, I like the look of your solution

I am playing around with it now.

Once Again thanks for the idea and Formula, greatly appreciated.
Re: Excel Question

Another question.

What would be the best way to incorporate having First and Last names into separate cells

So we have the 3 Columns one for First and another for Last name and then the third for the Passphrase
Re: Excel Question

Never mind figured it out, changing col_index_num fixes it.

All good

Thanks guys
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