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Hi :wave:

You were all great when i last had a problem back in March i'm hoping you will be just as good and swift this time round :pray:

I recently acquired an old machine, i think it is an ex-corporate machine. It came completely blank, so i installed my own copy of XP pro on it.

Last time i had did a similar thing on my existing machine and after installing System Information for Windows i was able to give you all the information you needed to tell me which drivers i needed and where to get them.

So i have skipped that step and installed SIW straight away, here is the information it gives;

(I am using the existing machine to type this, and have transferred this information on a memory stick.)

System Information
Property Value
Manufacturer Dell Computer Corporation
Product Name OptiPlex GX260
Serial Number 2H85T0J
Infrared (IR) Supported No
DMI System UUID 44454C4C-48001038-8035B2C0-4F54304A
UUID 4C4C4544-0048-3810-8035-B2C04F54304A

Disk Space Disk C: 35 GB Available, 37 GB Total, 35 GB Free
Disk E: 47 MB Available, 47 MB Total, 47 MB Free
Disk F: 1682 MB Available, 1951 MB Total, 1682 MB Free

Physical Memory 510 MB Total, 378 MB Free
Memory Load 25%

Virtual Memory 1250 MB Total, 1120 MB Free

PageFile Name \??\C:\pagefile.sys
PageFile Size 768 MB
In use 4 MB
Max used 4 MB
Registry Size 1 MB (current), 86 MB (maximum)

Profile GUID {e63b63c0-1d4e-11de-9f52-806d6172696f}

The system clock interval 15 ms
Motherboard Information
Property Value
Manufacturer Dell Computer Corp.
Model 02X378
Serial Number ..CN1374036D05CZ.

North Bridge Intel i845G Revision A1
South Bridge Intel 82801DB (ICH4) Revision A1

CPU Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.40GHz
Cpu Socket Socket 478 mPGA

System Slots 1 PCI, 1 AGP

Memory Summary
Maximum Capacity 1024 MBytes
Memory Slots 2
Error Correction None

Warning! Accuracy of DMI data cannot be guaranteed
CPU Information
Property Value
Number of CPU(s) One Physical Processor / One Core / One Logical Processor / 32 bits
CPU Full Name Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.40GHz
CPU Name Intel Pentium 4
CPU Code Name Northwood
Platform Name Socket 478 mPGA
Revision D1
Technology 0.13 µm
Instructions MMX, SSE, SSE2
Original Clock 2400 MHz
Original System Clock 133 MHz
Original Multiplier 18.1
CPU Clock 2397 MHz
System Clock 132.8 MHz
FSB 531.4 MHz
Core 0 Speed 2391.1 MHz
Core 0 Multiplier 18.0
L1 Data Cache 8 KBytes
L1 Trace Cache 12 Kuops
L2 Cache 512 KBytes
BIOS Information
Property Value
BIOS Vendor Dell Computer Corporation
BIOS Version A06
Firmware Version 108.108
BIOS Date 04/28/2003
BIOS Size 512 KB
BIOS Starting Segment F000h
DMI Version 2.3

I hope all this is enough for you to help me out here with what i need to do. Any drivers or driver packages i need will have to be transferred via memory stick, as the 'new' machine will not connect to the web as yet, probably due to needing an ethernet driver from somewhere. It also won't let me alter the screen resolution which i suspect is down to some kind of graphics driver needed.:4-dontkno

This is my problem folks, i hope someone can help me get this new machine up and usable!!

Thanks very much in advance


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Re: Drivers?

This is a nice solid performer and should serve you well. However, if one day you discover it won't turn on and the power button light is yellow (steady OR blinking) whether you push it or not, just buy a new power supply from Dell for about $40. VERY common problem on this series.

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Re: Drivers?

i have only just got round to sorting this out this afteroon, thank-you very much, display and internet connection is now sorted with 2 simple downloads from that link. much appreciated :laugh:

could i ask though, chipset drivers?

what are they and why do i need them? thanks in advance, and also thanks half-wit, if that does happen then now i know not to panic!

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Re: Drivers?

From your first post you have a DELL Optiplex GX260
The drivers for this model are listed here:

As far as the Chipset driver (This is the first driver you should have installed, it controls how other drivers and such are installed) this is here:

Some Intel boards at the age you have (not saying is old, but) XP may have installed them (Natively).

Go to the Device Manager
Post what errors you have (Yellow!? or red X).

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Re: Drivers?

Thanks for that Bill, I am about to start from scratch [again! 3rd time lucky...] on the machine, will make that chipset driver the first one to go in. There was a problem logging every time the machine switched on, and the internet was working incorrectly too. Modem not a problem as i am using it to type this!

It worked initially but has not worked since.

So, chipset first, then the 2 i used before were;

video -

internet -

Previously those 2 had worked alone, then of course didn't! :sigh:

Do i also need to install the bios driver? If so, before or after the chipset?

Thanks for the help,

Tony :pray:
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