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[SOLVED] driver install

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I have ACER aspire 5745G, with Nvidia GeForce GT 330 M, 1 GB.
I cannot start the NFS Run.
Problem is Graphics card to be updated from 189.97 to 285.53.
Acer website is of no help.
Please help.
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Re: driver install

Hey, I got it right now.
Go to BIOS, when com starts, my is F2, move to settings, where graphics card setting is there (RAM, as well computer memory), change the graphics card setting to Discrete, from Switchable.
This will work in laptops like mine having switchable graphics card.
after this, install the 306.xx version of n vidia graphics card.
Games like Max Payne 3, NFS run, batman Arkham City and battlefield 3 will be rollicking.
please reply, as this has worked with me, and my friends, having same laptop, Acer aspire - 5745G.
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