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[SOLVED] Creating a symbolic system link?

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Ok guys heres my problem;

What i want to do is system link a game folder thats on my HDD to a folder thats acctualy on my SSD, the reason i have to do this is that the game 'Rift' is installed using steam and steam wont allow you to install anywhere apart from the 'steamapps' folder and i want to use the speeds of my SSD with this game and the only way i can think of doing it is a system link. But i am not sure what or how to achieve this as i know very little about stuff like this.

Currently my Rift folder is located at:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common

Now i want move it to my SSD at this location:

but have my OS and steam think that its still in its original place via a system link, if someone could explain,help,show me how to do this it would be much appreciated

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Re: Creating a symbolic system link?

Never mind,
i found a handy little program called 'DirLinker'
It basically does all the coding work for you and all you have to do is creating an empty folder as the target and link to the original folder and it will evin move and delete the old files for you.

You can get it HERE.
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