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[SOLVED] Cpu going wild

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CPU:intel dual core e8200,2.66ghz,64-bit
RAM:2x hp brand 1 gb ,1x kingmax 2 gb,1xmushkin 2gb (all 800 mhz) DDR2
GPU:ati radeon hd 3450 512mb ddr2...
MBO:ASUSTek 2a73h
HDD:500 gb seagate i think:4-dontkno

PROBLEM:till" yesterday comp was working normally,then it started to be a litlle slower while playing computer games...
I open the a few testers on CPU and saw that speed now is 2000 mhz except 2.660 mhz.after 5 seconds speed is normalizing and it is again 2660 mhz ...
and all time like that (5 sec 2.0 5 sec 2.66 ghz)
i noticed that my FSB : is always 1333mhz
bus speed is always 333mhz...
its suposed to be x8 to get 2.66 ghz as it was before..
but sometimes is x6.."its switching automaticly ":4-dontkno:4-dontkno:4-dontkno:4-dontkno:4-dontkno:4-dontkno:4-dontkno:4-dontkno:4-dontkno:4-dontkno:4-dontkno:4-dontkno
so 5 seconds multiplier is x6 5 seconds x8...
x6 x 333=2000 mhz
x8 x 333=2660 mhz

ANY SOLUTION :1angel::1angel:??
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Re: Cpu going wild

try clean the dust from the procesor cooler .aply some cooling pasta on procesor.fix well the cooler and radiator .be very carefuly when fix it back to mobo.
Re: Cpu going wild

i did it before 5 pasta is working normally
and if u are think that temperature is problem it is 28 c so i dont know really :/
Re: Cpu going wild

That is normal. The CPU will increase & decrease in speed as needed.
Re: Cpu going wild

oh tyree tnx ..
but im still confused because before speed was always 2.66 ghz
one more question :
can i ANYHOW overclock my cpu except bsel mod ..?
i told you my configuration,,can you please check ;)
i was googling and nofthing :(
Re: Cpu going wild

It is possible to OC your PC but that mismatched RAM may cause problems. Brand & Model of your PSU?
linderman's guide for OC'ing:
Re: Cpu going wild

PSU:liteon ps-5301-08HF
i already have overclocked GPU
i wanna overcock cpu but i dont have that option in bios :/
i will read now that post "linderman..."
how you mean mismatched:
because all rams are diferent brand ..
and if is that reason i will then when oc"ing only put hp rams
Re: Cpu going wild

eh now im really confused...
i read all tutorials and i figure it out..
but i still cant aces into options for overclock/i mean there is no options in my bios for that .... also tryed to hit crtl f1 and nofthing..
so how can i acess options for overclocking :O?
Re: Cpu going wild

your system is not spec'd & built for overclocking
A) you have 4 sticks of ram / they are mis-matched brands / they are not rated for voltage increasing

B) your power supply is too low quality to take the stress from overclocking

C) your motherboard has no overclocking settings because its not engineered to be an overclocker

D) you dont have an aftermarket cpu cooler

if STRONGLY advise you discard the idea of overclocking this set-up or you will be waist deep in component troubleshooting trying to find out which parts died
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Re: Cpu going wild

ok tnx
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