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[SOLVED] Computer will not switch on!

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Hi, I have just built a new computer with a:

- Intel DQ965GF Motherboard (Micro ATX)
- Core 2 Duo Processor (2.4GHZ)
- New PC Case

THe other stuff I put in from my old dell computer:

- 160GB HD
- radeon x1950 GT
- CD drive
- 600W PSU

When I plug in my power cable, the green light turns on fine. However, when I try to turn the whole computer on through the button on the front panel nothing happens. No sounds, just the green light on the MOBO is continuously on. Does the wattage of the PSU matter?

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Computer will not switch on!

Hi mate,
you built your PC by yourself or someone else did???
Anyways, check all cables from PSU that leads to other hardware components and see if they are regular plugged...
Also check cables that leads from your power and reset button to motherboard. You maybe missplaced them...
if this does not help, I can advise you to buy or lend another PSU [yous is 600W, it could be enough though] and try to start PC...
Hope this will help you...
Re: Computer will not switch on!

Yes.. all the cables are in properly and I have checked the leads going from the power and reset button. Do you only need the power button connected to test if it switches on?

It is DEFINITELY not the PSU, I tested it on another system and it worked fine.

And yes i did build it myself.... probably an unwise decision :S
Re: Computer will not switch on!

No more assistance needed. I have solved the problem. THanks
Re: Computer will not switch on!

You should post how you solve problem just yo know...
Anyway, I am glad you can start system... ^-^
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