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Hi everyone!

I am trying to change my master slave drives but couldn't manage to do it.
I have a DVD-RW and a harddisk which both use SATA slots and a LG CD-RW , which uses IDE slot(not sure about the name- it is the old large wide slot on motherboard). Here is what I have at the moment:
IDE Channel0 Master : The CD-RW
IDE Channel2 Master: My harddisk
IDE Channel2 Slave: The DVD-RW
I want to change my dvd-rw to master and the cd-rw to its slave, because I am having problems on my DVD-RW when using windows 7. So how can I do that?? I searched the net and couldn't find something that I can use, and I don't want to mess with BIOS because I don't know it much - so any help woud be appreciated
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