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[SOLVED] Cant remove itunes from XP

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I am having trouble removing itunes from my copy of Xp thus making me want to do a fresh install of xp.

When I proceed to try and remove it it says"invalid drive F:\ and I no longer have a drive F so I tried to download and install a copy of itunes and it says the same thing.

Is therenny way I can forcefully remove it. I tried fixing the registry and used a few uninstall programs but still the same thing.

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Re: Cant remove itunes from XP

I'm not sure if you've done this or not but here's how I would start:

1.) Open the start menu, click "control panel", then "add or remove programs", then in the list, find iTunes, highlight it and select "change/remove".

2.) If that doesn't work, that sucks, next I would do start menu, then "search", search in "all files and folders", search for iTunes, and try to manually delete anything that comes up.

If you are still getting the error message after this, then hopefully someone else has better advice.

**Also, this may be a LONG shot but cant hurt to try if you're out of options, this Windows Installer Clean Up utility MIGHT help, iTunes is in the list when I open it up on my computer.

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