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[SOLVED] Can I just see what happens?

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Okay, well I've decided tp purchase a 6600GT for my dell 4600. Since I only have a 250W PSU I am thinking of upgrading to a ColorsIT 500W.

But what I'm wondering is, if I get the new card and install it into my pc with my dell PSU and the watt isn't sufficient then will it cause the pc to mess up completely or just shut it down and not damage it?

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hey mindfull,

i highly advice not to install a third party power supply on your computer. i dont have a dell computer but ive heard that dell computers use propiertory power supplies and if you must replace your dell computer power supply, you will need to go through them.

i didnt knew about this too until one of the mods pm me saying that dell computers use propiertory power supplies and that using a thrid-party power supply can damage the system. depending on the rest of your system hardware configurations you definitely upgrade the power supply.
Thanks for the advice, I'll bear that in mind.

Can anyone recommend a good power supply that dell do? (not sure how it works). Or should I just install the 6600GT and see where things take me?
For the future, if you want an upgradable computer, Dell is not the way to go. It used to be alright.. but now it's not.

Unless someone else has better advice.. the best way to find out about this issue is to call the Dell tech support number. You paid for it. A question as simple as this should get a fairly fast response, faster than a message board for sure.
You'll need to speak directly to Dell for a new PSU.
there is countless companies that make a 20 pin to "dell PSU" adapter.

i have seen one being used, works fine.

there is also websites that explain how to rewire the plug on the power supply to match dell's pinout.

keep in mind, all the same voltage ratings are in there, they are just coming through different wires.

i suggest a google search for "dell psu atx adapter"

here's one...

and another website, same product. (same picture even)

this website shows the pinout difference, as well as a link to the endpcnoise site, and shows that adapter being 13.95$

with one of these, you can tell dell where to stick their underpowered power supplies, and use any real power supply you want.
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