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[SOLVED] Black Hole (Screen?)

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When I turn my computer on, the screen is black, the internal fans continually run, and my mouse an keybaord are not registering. It is not an external connection problem. Also, when I press the power button, it does not function. I have to manually diconnect power from the wall. It wont boot or show any thing on the screen. If someone has any possbible solution, please let me know either by response to this thread, or e-mail(ing) me at ********. Thanks.
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Re: "Black Hole (Screen?)"


First - clear CMOS:

Get rid of static electricity by touching a radiator or the computer case.
Then unplug the computer from the wall outlet and open the case.
Remove the little "coin-like" battery on the motherboard.
Move the "clear CMOS" jumper on the motherboard from pins 1&2 to pins 2&3.
Wait a couple of minutes.
Replace the jumper to pins 1&2.
Put the battery back.
Close the case and start the computer.
Enter BIOS and choose "Load setup defaults" (or something similar) - save and exit BIOS.

Post back with the computer specifications - don't forget the PSU.
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Re: "Black Hole (Screen?)"

Do you mean "NTLDR is missing"?

If so:
Start the computer with the Windows CD.
At the Welcome to Setup screen, press R to select the repair option.
You will have to enter the Administrator password - if none, just press <Enter>.
At the command prompt - type chkdsk /r > press <Enter>.
When the disk check is done:
Type Exit > press <Enter>.
Take the Windows disc out and reboot.
Re: "Black Hole (Screen?)"

When/how did all this start? Power failure or surge?

Can you "see" the hard drive in BIOS?
Re: "Black Hole (Screen?)"

Are you sure you typed boot cfg /rebuild correctly? There has to be a space after cfg.
Re: "Black Hole (Screen?)"

Sounds like the C drive doesn't "exist".

What make/model is the computer?

What version is your Windows disc? Recovery/retail/OEM?
Re: "Black Hole (Screen?)"

See if you can perform a fast repair install with your recovery disc.

If that won't work I think you have to low-level format the hard drive.
Before you do that we have to make sure there's nothing on the drive that can't/shouldn't be erased.
Re: "Black Hole (Screen?)"

A low-level format can be done with, for example, DBAN.
But, there may be a recovery partition on the HDD needed to reinstall Windows.
If you perform a low-level format everything, including your data, will be erased - with no chance of getting it back.

To see what's on the hard drive:

Please download and burn the ISO image of Parted Magic.
Boot the computer with the CD. When Parted Magic has loaded click the arrow next to the Tools icon and choose TestDisk.

Each of the steps (A, B, C etc) below corresponds to a new TestDisk window.
Use the keyboard's arrow keys to navigate.

A. At the first window, select “No Log” and press the <Enter> key.
B. Select which drive to analyse, choose “Proceed” and <Enter>.
C. Select partition type – Intel if it’s a PC then <Enter>.
D. Select “Analyse” then <Enter>. The drive will be analysed.
E. Select “Backup” at the next screen, then <Enter>.
F. Press “Y” if the partitions were created under Vista – “N” if not.
G. Select which partition to analyse and press <P> to list any files in the partition.

Is there a C: drive? Any files/folders on it? Other partitions?
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Re: "Black Hole (Screen?)"

What's the name of the folder on the C drive?
What's on the H drive?
Re: "Black Hole (Screen?)"

Are there folders named Windows, Program Files etc on the C drive?
Re: "Black Hole (Screen?)"

I'll mark this [Solved] - post back if there are additional problems.
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