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[SOLVED] Acer 5542 Overheating in XP ONLY

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I have an Acer aspire 5542, which came with windows 7 x64 pre-installed

I have no problem with the operating system provided for normal use, but a lot of music software i use (i.e cubase, reason etc) simply does not like this operating system (mainly due to x64 not sitting well with x86 DAW's and plugins)

I decided to go for a dual boot of xp 32-bit and windows 7

Made a partition on my hdd and proceeded to install XP (using IDE mode in bios)

Now i've come across a problem i simply cannot fix, no matter what i try

It seems that XP overheats VERY easily, whereas windows 7 is fine and fully functional

It seems to me like the fan never operates at full speed when using XP

There are no settings in BIOS that allow me to change fan speed, and programs like speedfan have no access to fan speeds (I've heard this is pretty standard with acer laptops)

I've tried various drivers, updating my BIOS etc. but nothing seems to work!!

The problem is not as bad with the laptop unplugged, but the second i connect the AC adapter, the CPU temperature creeps up slowly until the laptop cuts out and restarts.

I've resorted to using the laptop on a baking tray to elevate it and allow it's fans better airflow access.
Despite this, the temperature hovers around 75+ degrees whilst idle, and skyrockets as soon as any intensive process is undertaken

As i say, windows 7 has no problems whatsoever with overheating, just XP.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Here are my specs:

CPU - Mobile Dualcore AMD Turion II M500
Motherboard name - Acer Aspire 5542
Motherboard chipset - AMD M785, AMD K10
4GB DDR2 Ram
BIOS Type - Pheonix (01/18/10) (V1.09)
Video Adapter - ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200 Series
HDD - 500GB Western Digital
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Re: Acer 5542 Overheating in XP ONLY

Welcome to TSF.
The 5542 only has Windows 7 drivers available from ACER or drivers that come preinstalled with Windows 7.
I would guess that there is some driver in XP that is incompatble with that hardware.
There may not be a solution to your problem.
Re: Acer 5542 Overheating in XP ONLY

Sorry this thread is now pointless.

My problem lay in the amount of dust that was caked in my cpu exhaust.
Found out that windows 7 was also overheating under certain circumstances which made me suspicious.

Long process taking apart and rebuilding the lappy, but now everything functions perfectly :)

Although to reply to your post, the only hardware i had problems installind in xp were the southbridge drivers and the vga adapers drivers but a bit of creativity by mixing new drivers and an old version of catalyst solved this.
Re: Acer 5542 Overheating in XP ONLY

I'm glad you got it solved.
I was thrown off by your saying Windows 7 had no problems whatsoever.
Re: Acer 5542 Overheating in XP ONLY

Hi certian version of win 7 have xp mode Download Windows XP Mode Windows Virtual PC: Home Page
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