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[SOLVED] 3850 HD Driver Virus?

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It appears I've caught some sort of driver virus common with ATI's 3850 HD. It's extremely frustrating. I've researched this issue, and I find alot of similar problems that people are having with this card. The card was working just fine for the first few months of it's life, but now it's gone to hell. & I can't pinpoint anything that may have caused it.

Here's exactly what happens:

1) I'll start up any 3D game that requires something to be rendered. (Call Of Duty 4, Microsoft Flight Simulator, X-Plane...)

2) It plays fine, for about 5-10 minutes.

3) Suddenly everything freezes. I can't even communicate with people on TeamSpeak anymore. It's no use to try and end the game process to save it. Nothing will work.

4) This is where either 1 of 3 things will happen.
  • The screen will remain frozen until reboot.
  • I'll get a "Blue Screen Of Death" like screen, that tells me my system has done a memory dump, and regards the file.
  • The screen will go completely black, and my monitor will say it has no signal (as if the video card has completely stopped giving out anything to my monitor.)

5) My question is...what should I do? I've tried just about everything, and I think I may need to wait to play anything until I build my new system in a few months. (Please don't give me obvious, 'update your drivers' answers.) Also, I've monitored my video card temp, and it remains within operating conditions. It isn't o/c'd either.

A couple of other notes:
The fan on my mainboard is failing, but seems to be operating normally still.
The screen flashes a bunch of white bars, and freaks out sometimes before a crash, which looks exactly like what was happening when I had a video card burn up to a crisp a few months back,
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Re: 3850 HD Driver Virus?

Seems like a classic power supply problem. Post the make model and wattage of the psu. Also this an agp or pci-e 3850?
Re: 3850 HD Driver Virus?

It's PCI-E 2.

Kingwin ABT-520CW 520W Absolute Power
Make Model: ABT-520CW
Wattage: 520 Watts
Re: 3850 HD Driver Virus?

Ah I see , a "pretty lights" power supply. Unfortunately that power supply only has 18a on the 12v rails when it needs 26a or more for a pci-e system. And as you can imagine , kingwin is not the best brand for power supplies. What you should do is go for a 550w quality psu with 26a or more on the 12v rail. Stick with brands like antec's trio line, thermaltake's toughpower line , corsair , or silverstone.
Re: 3850 HD Driver Virus?

:upset: I'm so sick of that stupid computer store screwing me in the long run so that I have to come back in the future. Is this perminant? How come the effect was delayed?
Re: 3850 HD Driver Virus?

The psu could be starting off strong then slowely becomeing unstable. Since what you really need isn't to far off , its just doesn't have the power or quality to give continueus good power.

One thing you can try , before you toss it , if your 3850 came with a double molex to 6 pin connector , is attach one molex from one rail and another molex from the other rail. You could give that a shot. But I would still get a different one.
Re: 3850 HD Driver Virus?

Ah I fixed my problem. The Omega Drivers worked.
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